Saudi Arabia has been described as the world "mother lode" of oil and gas reserves. Estimates for 1990 placed total oil reserves of the kingdom at 261 billion barrels. Around two-thirds of Saudi reserves are considered "light" or "extra light" grades of oil, with the rest either "medium" or "heavy."

Although Saudi Arabia has around 80 oil and gas fields (and over 1,000 wells), more than half of its oil reserves are contained in only eight fields.

That includsGhawar (the world's largest oil field, with estimated remaining reserves of 70 billion barrels) and Safaniya (the world's largest offshore oilfield, with estimated reserves of 35 billion barrels).

Ghawar's main producing structures are, from north to south: Ain Dar, Shedgum, Uthmaniyah, Hawiyah, and Haradh. Ghawar alone accounts for about half of Saudi Arabia's total oil production capacity.


Origin: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Quality: ARAMCO Standard export quality
API Gravity 33.34
Sediment Content .10
ASTM Stabilized Gravity 34.50
Wax-WT Percent 2.90
Vanadium PPM V 200 11.00
Gross Heating Value 19.23
Reid Vapor Pressure 2.00
Salt Content, PPM NaCL 3.80
Sulphur, WT Percent 1.0 Max
Comp. Carbon Residue:
WT Percent 3.10
Viscosity 55.00
Pour Point 35.00