PETRONAS is Malaysian Oil Giant. It came out with Euro 2M Diesel production to serve the local Automotive industry and many more including Industrial use. PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel is a high natural cetane diesel fuel formulated to provide superior injector deposit cleaning performance, better fuel economy, improved power as well as lower exhaust emissions.

PETRONAS Diesel is a high cetane index fuel designed for use in low and high speed self-ignition compression engines to provide efficient, dependable and smooth operation. It has the proper viscosity suitable for critical fuel injection systems to provide maximum protection against wear and leakage. It is also suitable for industrial purpose especially for direct burning i.e. boiler, furnace, dryer, etc.

PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel exceeds Euro 2M requirements and is suitable for all diesel vehicles. The fuel has been tested and proven with highway, city and rural driving conditions on passenger cars, 4x4s, trucks and buses with indirect injection, direct injection, common rail direct injection and turbocharged engines.


Properties Current Euro 2M Euro 4M
Colour(ASTM) 2.5max 2.5max 2.5max
Ash, wt% 0.01max 0.01max 0.01max
Pour point,'c 15max 15max 15max
Flash point, 'c 60min 60min 60min
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40'c 1.6-5.8 1.6-5.8 1.6-5.8
Copper Corrosion 1max 1max 1max
Water by Distillation, Vol% 0.05max 0.05max 0.05max
Sedimnt by Extraction, wt% 0.01max 0.01max 0.01max
Micro Carbon Residue,wt% 0.10max 0.10max 0.10max
Density, Kg/L To be reported To be reported To be reported
Total Acid Number, mg KOH/g 0.25max 0.25max 0.25max
Cetane Index 47min - -
Cetane Number 45min 49min 51min
Distillation, T90, 'c 370max - -
Distillation, T95, 'c - 370max 360max
Total Sulphur, ppm 3000max 500max 50max