About Metrogaz Invest LLC

We live and breathe international trade in Oil Commodities.Having formed the alliances with several leading companies that specialize in crude oil, diesel, natural gas, refined petroleum products and petrochemicals.

We go an extra mile to find the best supply solution for our customers. And We believe in and work with great integrity and uncompromising ethical standards. We work as facilitator for buyers and sellers of oil, we negotiate directly with End-Buyers and oil refineries that have the available funds to purchase Fuels (Diesel D2, Diesel D6 & JP54 Jet fuel).

We also deal with Mandate Holders and intermediary brokers but avoid long broker chains that slow the sales process. We deal with genuine buyers and sellers through transparent procedures and agreements.

Our procedures connect up end-buyer and end-seller brokers or facilitators to speed up the buying process. However as a responsible middlemen we ensure that the deal goes smooth in order to generate future business.